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04 Janvier 2018 Par Loyens & Loeff
Loyens & Loeff
The tax compliance team at Loyens & Loeff prides itself on the quality products they deliver.  (Photo: Loyens & Loeff)

Loyens & Loeff’s tax compliance team provides tailor-made services through its integrated approach. We sat down with tax compliance team leader Menno Maat, direct tax compliance advisors Agnès Hédin and Sabrina Million, and indirect tax compliance advisor Maria Abreu. The responsible partner for the tax compliance team is Frank van Kuijk.

Could you please tell us why Loyens & Loeff is ideally positioned to provide tax compliance services?

Frank van Kuijk As a law firm, we do not provide accounting or domiciliation services. A tax return relies heavily on the annual accounts of a company. Bifurcation of the two workflows secures healthy checks and balances. Tax compliance and accounting services under one roof is not a recipe to properly manage conflicts of interest.

Maria Abreu Another key element is that our tax compliance team is fully integrated within our tax advisory, transfer pricing and litigation team. It is therefore naturally up to speed with all matters that may impact the tax compliance process, and it has easy access to our advisors.

Sabrina Million Moreover, we are a law firm and not a tax firm only. Through cooperation with our corporate, investment management, banking and regulatory lawyers, we have first-hand information on matters that may impact the tax compliance position of our clients.

M.A. Each of our clients has a dedicated and approachable advisor. This relationship enables us to better understand and address their requirements and to provide them with high-quality service.

Agnès Hédin Our team members each have a specialisation, such as in tax compliance for real estate, private equity, or multinational enterprises, as well as in insurance, banking and geographically. Jointly, our team speaks some 15 languages, and we can accommodate communication with our clients in their preferred language.

Menno Maat Returns are drawn up by our own team in Luxembourg, and the work is not outsourced to any other country. With the increased focus on BEPS, substance in Luxembourg is essential.

S.M. Our team is characterised by a shortened hierarchical organisational structure and an open-door policy. It is in our Loyens & Loeff genes to communicate and be open to being challenged by our colleagues. We trade filing positions and views with other team members, so that we can learn and reach the best results.

How does a Loyens & Loeff tax compliance product distinguish itself?

F.v.K. It is not only our organisation that makes the difference, but also the tax compliance products we deliver. When we take in clients, we hold their hand, so to speak. Throughout the year, we remind them of filing deadlines and fines that apply for late filing. The tax returns are prepared according to the principle of “double accounting”, meaning that we cross-check the developments of equity in the commercial balance sheet and tax statements with the result reported in the profit & loss account. In a world of BEPS and state aid, the law is our point of reference.

A.H. Starting next year, it will be mandatory for direct tax returns to be electronically filed. But at Loyens & Loeff, we have been doing such e-filing for two years already. We have extensive experience in that field and are fully prepared for what lies ahead: that is a strength for us and for our clients.


Tax compliance advisors Agnès Hédin (l.), Sabrina Million (r.) & team leader Menno Maat