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“Researching ways in which we can work smarter”

02 Mai 2018 Par Paperjam.lu
"Seeing the opportunities arising in tech, I made the move from traditional to new media, and during the past ten years worked for Google and Facebook." (Photo: Adem)

Paperjam et l’Adem présentent un demandeur d’emploi. Un moyen de découvrir les «talents cachés du Luxembourg» et ce qu’ils peuvent apporter aux entreprises. Aujourd’hui, Joan Enright recherche un emploi dans le domaine de la communication et du marketing.

Nom: Enright

Prénom: Joan 

Âge: 34 

Emploi recherché: Opportunities within communications and marketing

Expériences professionnelles: “I spent the first half of my career working in radio broadcasting, for the Irish national broadcaster. Working across diverse programming, from music to current affairs. Broadcasting was a wonderful training ground in adaptability, working to the tightest of deadlines and the importance of creating and maintaining great professional relationships. 

Seeing the opportunities arising in tech, I made the move from traditional to new media, and during the past ten years worked for Google and Facebook. Within these companies, I worked in their advertising and marketing solutions teams. I love diversity in my working day, and in these roles no two days were ever the same. Both roles involved a broad range of responsibilities from internal communications, press relations, marketing communications and large-scale event management.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found roles that used my creative strengths, while gaining great exposure to the core business. As a result, I’ve garnered strong business acumen with knowledge of revenue sales, product marketing and people management. A wonderful dimension of these roles was the global remit; working with a global team, in multiple markets was both professionally and personally rewarding. 

Cursus: “I hold an MA in sociology and applied research methods from the University of Limerick, Ireland. I have a special interest in media and the sociology of media, a module I tutored during my time at university. I hold a BA in sociology, politics and women’s studies. 

Compétences linguistiques: “English mother tongue. Since moving to Luxembourg, I’ve started to learn French. I would love to work in a business environment where I could use and develop my language skills. 

Ce que je peux apporter à l’entreprise: “I am deeply interested in ways in which we can use technology to improve our lives - and this extends to my professional environment. I am always researching ways in which we can work smarter.

Centres d’intérêt: “I love to travel – there’s nothing better than exploring new places, and experiencing new cultures. And who doesn’t love a great music festival?! For fun, I have a beauty and lifestyle blog and social media page, with an online following of over ten thousand people.

Ma vision de l’entreprise: “I love working with innovative, mission-driven companies. What’s always important to me is working alongside great people, within a corporate culture of learning and development.

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