Thomas Steiger (CEO - VP Bank Luxembourg)

“A lively platform for networking and exchanging ideas”

14 Février 2018 Interview par Paperjam Club
Thomas Steiger
Thomas Steiger: “By participating at events, one can learn from others and at the same time share one’s own experience.” (Photo: VP Bank Luxembourg)

VP Bank Luxembourg renews its Paperjam Club membership. Introduction in three questions.

Mister Steiger, could you please, in a few words, describe for us your company’s activity? 

“VP Bank (Luxembourg) is a Private Bank with the ambition to offer its clients convincing solutions with a personal touch. The Liechtenstein based group is present in Luxembourg since 1988. The bank serves three well-defined client segments:

Private Banking: The core competence lies in the comprehensive advice of wealthy families based in Europe as well as in Singapore/Hong Kong. The bank offers clients an asset management approach based on open architecture and best-in-class products.

External Asset Managers: Founded by a fiduciary in 1956, intermediaries have always been the core segment for the VP Bank group. This makes the company a credible and reliable partner for External Asset Managers. All EAMs are segregated from the other clients and served in a dedicated team. An e-banking tool was developed specially for the professional client segment. It is a secured information platform which simplifies the communication between the EAM and the bank and facilitates the order management.

Investment Funds: Together with its subsidiary VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA, the bank offers a comprehensive service for both traditional as well as alternative funds (Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure). Funds have become a preferred structuring tool for Family Offices and External Asset Managers. Based on its long experience, VP Bank can guide the client to find the best structure and offer a one-stop-shop solution.

You have just renewed your Paperjam Club membership. What convinced you to do so?

“The Paperjam Club is a lively platform for networking, exchanging ideas and widening one’s horizon. The number of activities is impressive. It allows employees from various departments to benefit. Especially companies of medium and smaller size are able to have access to external knowledge, which is something big companies can do internally.

What in particular are you looking to get from the Club? And what does your organisation have to offer to other Club members?

“It is give and take. By participating at events, one can learn from others and at the same time share one’s own experience. For companies with a less well-known brand it as also a good platform to promote it and explain the activities.”