Luxembourg is right in the heart of Europe

31 Mai 2017 Par Daniel Mussard

Every morning, thousands of people cross the borders from Germany, France and Belgium to get to work by car, by bus or by train. And also every morning and every evening, the same scenario of being stuck in traffic; it easily sums up to 10 hours per work week for a lot of people to get to and from work. What a colossal waste of time, energy and resources.

Since technology is changing rapidly, should work or yet better, the way we work not change too? A lot of jobs are based on the output of the employee or “to get the job done”. But if that is the case, why exactly are a lot of us monitored and paid by the hours we sit at our desks? Virtual presence or remote offices at home are not very popular in Luxembourg (not to mention the tax issues).

 The problem is that this culture has not yet arrived in the minds of the companies. Rules and regulations are put in place to control the employees and although studies suggest otherwise, most companies fear that remote work would lead to laziness on the employee’s side.

 The Millennials are entering the work force in the coming years and their idea of an ideal work/life balance is quite different from the definition of their parents’ generation. Big enterprises in Luxembourg try to offer an excellent social package to get the best employees on the market. A change in the direction of home or remote office will be at some point inevitable.

 Even if a company would like to change, one problem today remains, the lack of social technology that would enable such a scenario and would support the collaboration in a virtual setting. Samsung is not the first one to try to engage in that field but the Samsung Galaxy S8 in combination with the desktop experience DeX offers a compelling argument, especially used with some practical features already existing today.

 The smartphone side, nothing new

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