Mercredi 21 fév 2018
14:00 - 17:15
2160 Luxembourg
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Workshop : Management & Leadership

The XXIst century leader

The seminar will allow answering two main questions 1- What does it mean to be a XXIst century leader? 1-1- The differences between Being a ‘leader’ versus being a ‘chief’ 1-2- The investigation of different typologies of leadership styles 2- How can you capitalize on your managerial experience and expertise? 2-1- Continuous education 2-2- Theorize on and share/sell your experience

 During the first part of this seminar, we will investigate what it means to be a XXIst century leader, the differences between managing and leading. Finally, we will study in some depth the different styles of leadership that have been highlighted in firms. Managers acquire and develop a lot of expertise through their managerial experience.

During the second part of the seminar we will investigate how managers can capitalize on this experience and know-how through continuous education and the production of new knowledge, which they can share or/and sell towards uplifting their careers and obtaining broad public recognition.

Experts : Michel Kalika, Professeur, Business Science Institute & IAE Lyon School of Management

Isabelle Walsh, Professeure, SKEMA Business School & Business Science Institute

Plan d'accès