Samedi 12 aoû 2017

Tower-power trail

Go for a a run or a hike in the natural parc Our!

You can choose between a 5.5 km or 19.5 km run. If you fancy a slower pace, participate in the 5.5 km or 10 km hike.

At 16:00 a children’s run will take place.

The runs and hikes start at 17:30 at the church in Weicherdange. You’ll discover soon where the Tower-power trail gets its name from: you will pass a number of towers, of every size, whether they’re the spiral church tower of Weicherdange, the impressive towers of the church of Clervaux or its lovely castle. Then it goes past the golf club of Clervaux, and finishes back in Weicherdange.

The trail is for experienced runners: the difference in levels is +- 600 meters.

Showers are provided at the SNJ centre in Weicherdange. Afterwards, the youth club of Weicherdange will organise a village fete—drinks, food and entertainment will be provided. The livebands Blue Moose and Puzzles are scheduled to play in the evening.

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