Jeudi 05 oct 2017
Château de Bourglinster
8, rue du Château
6162 Bourglinster
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Japanese music in a castle

Let yourself be enthralled by two Japanese musicians on Thursday, 5 October in the castle of Bourglinster.

Saishoku Kenbi, which translates to “they have talent and are beautiful”, will give a Shinobue (flute) and Shamisen (Japanese banjo) concert in the historical setting of the castle in Bourglinster.

Chie Hanawa, who plays the Shamisen, started her career at the age of 12. The other band member, Michiko Yamada not only mastered two traditional Japanese flutes, but also composes her own songs.

Their repertoire is a mix of traditional music typically played in the Japanese archipelago as well as internationally known pieces.

The concert in Bourglinster is part of a European tour for which entry will be free.

Registration is however mandatory and can be done by emailing [email protected]

Photo credits : Japanese embassy in Luxembourg (found in photo archive from 2015 from Wa League event)

Plan d'accès