Lundi 13 nov 2017
09:00 - 09:00
Luxembourg Congrès
1, rue Fort Thüngen
1488 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
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The future of materials

This summit is organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in partnership with The Economist Events.

It will bring together over 700 manufacturing leaders, research scientists, academics and policymakers from various industries to explore how new materials are opening the way for new industries and helping solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Among the questions it will seek to answer are the following:

  • How can advances in material science unlock new opportunities for innovation?
  • How can this ecosystem be made more efficient and environmentally friendly?
  • How can materials’ performances be improved throughout their life cycles – from the moment they are made to the moment they are recycled after their job is done?
  • How can governments encourage manufacturers to develop new materials and to refine their production methods – if, indeed, such encouragement is thought necessary?
  • And how are new ways of designing and manufacturing things reshaping industry?

Opening remarks will be delivered by Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel

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Photo: Yoan Carle/Flickr

Plan d'accès