Mardi 02 avr 2019
09:30 - 12:15
120, Route d'Echternach
1453 Luxembourg
Workshop : Management & Leadership

Facing the change: what are tomorrow’s crucial managerial competencies?

How do the structural, technological, and cultural changes that we already see happening around us affect the requirements for our future leaders and employees? How does the skill-set of the future look like?

 At a certain managerial development level, technical skills are taken for granted and the real differentiator between individual and collective performance is soft skills.

How do you efficiently develop these competencies at the same time as you empower your potential or the potential of your managers?

And how do you objectively assess skills such as communication, innovation, leadership, strategy, team spirit, empathy, delegation and assertiveness?

In this workshop you will discover what are the crucial competencies needed for the future and how to assess them efficiently.

Experts : Jean-François Marvaux and Catarina Biver (Sparx Factory)

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