Lundi 06 nov 2017
Abbaye Neumünster
28, Münster
2160 Luxembourg
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Discuss the bitch doctrine

Laurie Penny reads and discusses her new book Bitch Doctrine.

Laurie Penny- on and offline activist, can be considered as one of the most quick-witted, argumentative and funniest feminist authors.

Penny will introduce us to her newest book “Bitch Doctrine” in the Neumunster Abbey. While, globally, populist-right wing politics are becoming increasingly popular, Laurie encourages her readers not to feel intimidated: ‚While the planet is very messed up, I will never stop dreaming of a better world and I will not stop writing for women, for the queer community and for everyone who is being excluded from the mainstream-discourse. ‘

For Laurie Penny, the fight against discrimination isn’t a trival background issue waiting to be dealt with but the stepping stone towards demands for deeprooted change. Laurie Penny writes, among others, for the Guardian and the New York Times. She was the youngest nominee for the for the Orwell price for political writing.

Some books that got published are ‚Meat Market: Female Flesh under Capitalism‘(2012), ‚Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution‘ (2014) and ‚Everything Belongs to the Future‘ (2016).

Moderation Ines Kurschat; Reading and discussion in English/ Translation in German

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Plan d'accès