Mercredi 21 fév 2018
09:30 - 12:45
2160 Luxembourg
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Workshop : Stratégie & Opérations

Digit-’agilise’ your company using the tools of today and a vision of the future

In the current context of ‘digital disruption’ and behavioural change on the part of employees, companies that are able to anticipate and respond to the expectations of new generations of employees (Y and Z) will clearly set themselves apart from the competition and win market share as a result of greater productivity, profitability and employee motivation.

Learn to work better and more efficiently in a group using the appropriate digital tools. Choose a collaborative approach over an executive one, independence over control! Move away from the traditional top-down hierarchical pyramid model in favour of flatter or even spherical collaborative models to bring greater meaning to and improve efficiency within your company.

Decision-making and strategic direction for company managers (CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, COOs, HR Mgt, Heads of IT, Heads of Production, etc.). 

Expert: Hervé Collignon, e-TIC Consulting

Plan d'accès