Mardi 12 mar 2019
14:00 - 17:15
120, Route d'Echternach
1453 Luxembourg
Workshop : Management & Leadership

Being Strategic : plan for success

Do you know what your vision for your future is? Does everyone on your team share a vision for the future?

The Being Strategic framework helps you - individually or with a team or company - chart a clear course for the future and work to get there, combining the nuts-and-bolts practicality of strategic thinking with the aspiration and freshness of visioning.

Being strategic means consistently making the core directional choices that will best move you towards your hoped-for future.* In this workshop, you’ll learn a model and a set of skills that will allow you to do just that - in any part of your life. You’ll learn how to better frame challenges and problems, and envision a future where the problem has been solved. You’ll learn to identify the obstacles to your envisioned future - and build a path for achieving that vision. Learning and using this framework will demystify the idea of strategy: you’ll have a practical approach to thinking and acting strategically, so you can clarify the future you want to create and plan how to achieve it.

The Being Strategic* framework involves these 5 steps:

1.Defining the CHALLENGE: Before you begin to look to the future, it’s essential to know what you’re solving for, so everyone agrees on the core challenge.

2.What Is: CURRENT REALITY: Before creating a vision, you have to know where you are now. Here, the individual or the team identifies their current situation.

3.What’s the Hope: VISION: The individual or the members of a team create a shared vision for the future for themselves or for the team or organization— one to which they are all committed.

4.What’s in the Way: OBSTACLES: Here, the individual or team looks at what they’ll need to overcome in order to reach their hoped-for future.

5.What’s the Path: STRATEGY AND TACTICS: This step builds a practical path—first directionally then specifically—from the present to the envisioned future.

Expert: Vanessa Defournier, Leadership Coach (Inner Latitude)

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