Vendredi 06 oct 2017
19:00 - 22:30
5, avenue Marie-Térèse
2132 Luxembourg-Centre
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Alternative and democratic education colloquium

If you are interested in alternative education solutions for your children such as home schooling, check out this European colloquium seeking to show what options are out there.

The colloq will look at different alternatives, whether in institutions or elsewhere, and discuss why they are not mainstream.

The event could be of interest to parents looking to accompany their children through their development and learning experience, anyone with doubts about the advantages of ongoing testing of children, teachers interested in informal learning, medical actors working with children struggling in school as well as anyone who is curious about the alternatives out there and the fundamental rights of young learners.

Speakers include Bernard Collot, Peter Hartkamp, Franziska Klinkigt, Jean-Pierre Lepri, Harriet Pattison, Bertrand Stern, Alan Thomas, Melissa Plavis and Bernadette Nozarian.

 To register, email [email protected], call +352 621 187 594 or visit

Plan d'accès