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Re-election of directors for Lu-Cix

02 Juillet 2018
From left to right: Yves Schaaf, Claude Demuth, Marco Houwen, Carlo Richartz, Peter Sodermans et Didier Wasilewski. (Photo: Lu-CIX)

Last week, LU-CIX ASBL had a busy day. On top of organizing its General Meeting that gathered its members in one single place, LU-CIX ASBL also raised the election of its new Board of directors at the occasion of a dedicated meeting.

These meetings were hosted by security made in Lëtzebuerg (SMILE) who leveraged the opportunity to present their new offices, 16, boulevard d’Avranches in Luxembourg City and to draw the light, for the numerous decision makers present, on its cyber-attack simulation game, Room#42.

Just before the General Meeting started, Claude Demuth, the Secretary, highlighted the most recent evolutions operated at LU-CIX. He pointed out the fact that 8 new members joined LU-CIX ASBL in the last year, growing the effectives up to the record number of 72 companies now members of LU-CIX.

As always, the last LU-CIX ASBL members were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and present their company to the audience.

Important technical changes also happened over the year with a new Point of Presence at European Data Hub, the LuxConnect data center at Bissen was included in the ring infrastructure, POST Luxembourg upgraded its connexion with 2 x 100 GE and LuxNetwork upgraded to a 100 GE.

With its renewed backbone and all the efforts here above, LU-CIX has reached traffic records during the last few months, representing twice as much as last year’s average traffic, with peaks over 134 Gbps.

Right after the General Meeting, where several LU-CIX ASBL Board of directors members were re-elected, the newly constituted Board of directors assigned the responsibilities as follows:

- Marco Houwen, re-elected as Chairman;

- Didier Wasilewski and Peter Sodermans, elected as Vice-Chairmen;

- Claude Demuth, re-elected as Secretary;

- Didier Wasilewski, re-elected as Treasurer;

- Carlo Richartz, member;

- Gilles Mulheims, member;

- Yannick Doyen, member;

- Yves Schaaf, member.

The next big LU-CIX meeting will be on November 13 & 14 with its recognised yearly event, the Luxembourg Internet Days to be held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. The two hot topics that will be discussed will be “Network Security and Monitoring” and “Cloud Security”. The event will be accessible to any IT decision maker under registration and approval only.